i was going to go to Maundy Thursday mass, but i’m so exhausted, and even though i feel like i really need prayer right now, getting my feet washed and sitting through 2 hours of a bilingual service doesn’t exactly excite me

i need to go somewhere really beautiful and different i think



On average, you have a 1 in 18,989 chance of being murdered

A trans person has a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered

The average life span of a cis person is about 75-90 

The average life expectancy of a trans person is 23-30 years old

75% of people killed in anti LGBT hate crimes are poc

Think about this the next time you go crying over “cisphobia” and “reverse racism”


can we get past gay marriage please

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sometimes i’m upset by how basic i must seem on Facebook 


'Vorspiel' from Wagner's Das Rheingold, performed by Sir Georg Solti and the Vienna Philarmonic

This conjures, in my mind’s eye, so many images of the Rhine with all its forests and ruined castles, of dusk falling over Bavaria’s mountains, and of Neuschwanstein lingering in the mist above the world, more a fantasy than anything else, with its own Fisher King.